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THe generated servlet family for a JSP industrialist implements the HttpJspPage programme of the javax.servlet.jsp assemblage. Hte HttpJspPage program extends the JspPage programme which inturn extends the Servlet port of the javax.servlet aggregation. the generated servlet grade thus implements all the methods of the these tierce interfaces. The JspPage interface declares only two mehtods - jspInit() and jspDestroy() that moldiness be implemented by all JSP pages disregardless of the client-server protocol.

jsp tutorial

Nevertheless the JSP description has provided the HttpJspPage interfaec specifically for the JSp pages serving HTTP requests. This port declares one method _jspService(). jsp tutorial

The jspInit()- The container calls the jspInit() to separate te servlet instance.It is titled before any separate method, and is called exclusive erstwhile for a servlet occurrence.

The _jspservice()- The container calls the _jspservice() for each asking, reaction it the bespeak and the response objects.

The jspDestroy()- The container calls this when it decides buy the instance out of function. It is the endmost method called n the servlet instance. jsp tutorial